Natural Pet Science’s premium hemp-based products are formulated to keep your favorite feline healthy and happy using all-natural ingredients.

Our hemp cat treats are a great plant-based substitute for your kitty’s snack time because they combine unique ingredients like crickets with the amazing health benefits of hemp, which is packed with important nutrients and is considered a sustainable food source.


Why it’s good for cats

Hemp is widely known as a ‘superfood’ as it’s a great source of exceptional nutrition, needed by the body to stay healthy. But while humans have grown to appreciate hemp’s wonderful benefits, the plant is also helpful in supporting the health of our pet cats, too. Cats can gain the same health benefits from eating hemp, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, protein, fibre, and other incredible and essential minerals that the body needs to stay healthy.


Crickets are another powerful protein source.

Because insects make-up 80% of the planet’s biomass, bugs are considered an alternative food source that is both sustainable and delicious. That’s why Natural Pet Science infuses our hemp treats with crickets, too, to pack an extra punch of nutrition into every bite.


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Urinary Tract Health Formula
Keep your cat healthy and happy.


Joint Health Formula
Keep your cat active and nimble.


Calm’Cat Portion Picker

Find the puurrfect portion for your feline friend.


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