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So, I’ve been told I needs to trim down a bit (I disagree completely). And coincidentally, I got these lovely treats sent to me today by @eastwestbioscience. They are made with hemp and ground up crickets. They are delicious. If this is what I have to eat to trim down I’m totally OK wiv it

Such yummy treats from @eastwestbioscience ! Now we can still eat treats and look healthy during the holiday season!

Our friends from @eastwestbioscience sent me this Slim'Dog treat and I can't keep my paws off it! It’s pretty unique because it is made from hemp + cricket (yes, cricket!) and contains high-quality protein from sustainable sources! Now who doesn't love local, healthy & yum noms???

Natural Pet Science was nice enough to send me a bag of their Calm’Cat treats! They’re made with relaxing ingredients like hemp and chamomile flowers, to help calm any stress or anxiety. I’m really excited to try out more of their treats and see what other kinds of products they end up making.

These heart shaped crunchy treats from @eastwestbioscience are oh so yummy! I couldn’t stay still while my pawrent was taking these pictures, as I just wanted to eat the whole bag. I guess that would have been okay with my pawrent as they are super healthy. Fun Fact: Did you know that they use cricket flour as a sustainable protein?

Love them! Love the healthy ingredients. I also like the small size with a cat who tends not to chew treats.

My hooman and I absolutely adore your brand!

Kitty Mojito is really enjoying this hemp based Turkey and cricket protein rich cat treat!!

Had the yummiest treats today and they were made of.... CRICKETS!!! And hemp protein! Protein of the future!! Be sure to check out @eastwestbioscience and their awesome hemp + cricket treats and more!!

I’m trying out the new @eastwestbioscience calm cat treats! I love the packaging and the ingredients are things that even I know what they are! Delicious crickets and hemp! Basically it’s like bug candy and we love it!

I’m usually a pretty picky pup when it comes to dog treats, but I’m really digging these Slim’ Dog noms from Vancouver based company Natural Pet Science. The treats are hemp-based health-conscious noms infused with crickets! Mmmmm... I may have my nose in this bag all day!

We tried the Slim’Dog treats and the dogs loved them. If I had the bag out they were crowding around me. As it doesn’t contain meat, it makes a great option for treats if you’re dealing with certain intolerances to food or allergies. I also love that it's made locally here in BC!